As a QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can add Method:CRM for each of your clients at a discounted price. This article will walk you through the steps for adding Method:CRM.

Note: If your client already has a Method account, you cannot migrate that account to this program.

Before you begin, a client must already exist. If you haven't added a client yet, you must do so first.

Add Method:CRM for your Client

1. Log in to QuickBooks Online Accountant.

2. On the left menu, select Apps.

3. Within Find Apps, select the Method:CRM tile. If it doesn't show up, search for Method in the search bar.

4. On the Method:CRM info page, click Get App Now button.

5. The right panel opens up. Select the client under Install for Your Client. In the example below, our client is called Pop & Skate Wholesale.

6. Two options are given to you. Select the first box: Buy now with accountant discount.

Note: Selecting the option for trial (below) will prevent the QuickBooks Online Accountant from having their free Accountant access to the client's Method:CRM account.

7. Click the Install button.

8. Next up, QuickBooks requires your Billing info. Fill this in.

9. Hit Continue to go to the next screen to create your order.

10. The next screen will have you Create Order:

This is where you will put in how many additional users you want to log into Method:CRM. You, as the accountant, will have one free Method user who can log in. However, if you want your clients to log in, you will need to add additional user licenses for each client who needs to log into Method. Change the Number of User License text box if you wish to add more.

11. Hit Continue to go to the next screen to confirm your order.

12. The next screen will have you Confirm Order.

Check the checkbox to agree to the terms and services, and then click Place Order to get your receipt.

13. The next screen is your Order Receipt. Select Done to complete the billing process.

14. Once complete, you will be taken back to QuickBooks into your Client Apps. Method:CRM is now added to your client.

However we're still not done because we need to activate Method for your client. Click the Activate button on the Method:CRM App.

15. This will bring you to a screen which will prompt you to connect QuickBooks to Method. Select the Connect button.

16. And Method has been added! The final thing it will prompt you to do is add your client users so they can log in to Method:

Whether or not you invite more people, you are done! Method has been successully added to your client. 

To give Method:CRM to another client, please follow the same process. 

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