We’re proud to be one of the first apps available in the QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program!

This help article will focus on FAQs closely related to Method and not necessarily cover all FAQs for the QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program in its entirety.

What is this program?

Designed to simplify the way accountants select and manage 3rd party apps for their QBO clients. Accountants can now provision apps on behalf of their clients directly within QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) at a discounted rate. 

Is this available to me?

Method:CRM for QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program is available to all QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

What makes these accounts different than any other Method account?

These Method accounts are created by an accountant through the QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) program where the accountant signs up a client for a Method account and pays for the Method account on behalf of the customer. Method does offer the accountant a free user within the Method account so they can assist their clients as needed.

Is there a free trial of Method via QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program?

There is no trial period for Method via QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program. 

In fact, selecting the option for trial will prevent the QuickBooks Online Accountant from having their free Accountant access to the client's Method:CRM account and will not count towards any quota for a free Method:CRM account for the Accountant.

How do I get Method via the QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program?

Everything starts with the accountant creating the Method account through the QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) program. When creating the Method account through QBOA, the accountant must specify the number of Method users which can be modified later.

If the accountant signs up their clients, how do I invite more Method users?

Any Method admin user or the accountant can invite more Method users provided the total number of users does not exceed the provisioned license amount (determined by the accountant at sign up). If additional licenses are needed, the accountant must first increase the provisioned license count in QBOA.

What Method packs/apps are included with my subscription? Can I add additional packs?

Method accounts created under the QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program include the following Method Packs:

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Transactions
  • Accounting Lists 

Unfortunately, no additional Method packs cannot be added at this time. Custom Method apps are allowed. 

Can these accounts add Method:Donor?

No, the Method:Donor pack is not currently available for accounts created under QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program.

Can these accounts be toggled to the classic version of Method?

No, the classic version of Method is not supported for accounts created under QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program.

Can these accounts have access to multi-tenant?

A: No, multi-tenancy is not supported for Method accounts created under the QuickBooks Accountant Apps Program.

Who handles billing questions?

Billing questions are to be directed to the accountant. If the accountant has questions, they can reach out to Intuit for additional support.

Can a Method account be transferred to another accountant? 

It may be possible. Please contact our Method support for further assistance.

Can I transfer my Method account to be managed directly by Method?

It may be possible. If you no longer work with the accountant who created your Method account and have not found a replacement, you can request to have your account managed directly by Method.  It's important to note, this will remove any discounts on the Method account as they will not be transferred over

How can an account be cancelled? 

Accounts must be cancelled through QBOA, so the accountant must take care of this. If an account is cancelled, it will be reflected at the end of the billing period (End of Month).

Can an existing account be migrated to the program?

No, not at this time.

Can I get a Personal, Free Method Account?

As part of the QBOA program, you are eligible to receive a Method account for your own use with two free user discount. That means, the first two users will be free. Any other user you wish to add after that will be charged at the normal rate. 

In order to recieve this Method account, however, you will need to have at least one paying client on the QBOA program using Method. 

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