This mission will guide you through the process of setting up and configuring your custom app.  Keep in mind we won’t be doing any customization in this section - think of these steps as building the foundation of your house.  Hanging pictures and planting a garden comes later!

Create a new app

  1. At the bottom of the dashboard, you will find a dashed box called Get More Apps which will take you to the Marketplace.

2. Under Available Packs, select the dashed box called Create Custom App.

3. First, you’ll be prompted to choose an App Icon to associate with your app.  Pick one that matches the kind of app you’re making (we’ll choose Cab).
4. Next, it’s time to pick an App Name. Choose a name that describes what function the app performs. For those following our missions in order, we’ll use “Cars"
5. Your Starting Screen is the screen that will open when you select your app, so choose a name for yours.  We’ll call ours “New Car”.
6. Now choose the Base Table for your app. Those who completed the Database mission pack can choose Cars, but it won’t affect the process at all if you choose a different table.
7. Your screen should look similar to what is pictured below.

8. When you are ready, click Create.

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And here you are - the App Management page for your brand-new custom app! Okay, so this app doesn’t actually do anything yet, and it won’t for a while (at least not until we start adding functionality to its screens) but we’ve definitely broken ground.

As you can see, your app now has one screen (New Car). The star on the screen indicates it's the landing screen for the app. Let’s edit this screen so we can add a new entry to our list!

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