If you have been following along, you should be on the Screens list within your new custom Cars app.

However, if you are no longer on this screen, you can navigate to it by clicking on the vertical ellipsis of the app, and selecting the Manage link.

The New Car Screen

1. You'll be taken to Screens of your Cars app. Click Customize on New Car. This will bring up the Design Mode for that screen!

2. There is one section on the screen called Section1. Add five rows to it by click Rows +four times.

3. Now to drag in fields! Select the + sign on the right panel to get to Insert Controls. Scroll down to the fields section. Every field associated with the screen’s base table is in there!

4. Drag the following fields into its own row in Section1:

  • Contact
  • CarName
  • Make
  • LicensePlate
  • IsActive

5. At the top of the screen, click Save to save your work.

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Toggle the Preview, and you’ll see something that looks like this:

If you were to go into your app, you would be able to view this screen. However, the Contacts dropdown doesn't work, nor does the screen look that nice. In the next document, we will style this screen to look better!

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