If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember our Driver field is a dropdown field type, associated with the Contacts table. However, if you were to open up the menu now, you'll notice it's empty!

Since the relationship between the Cars and Contacts tables has been established, we can configure this dropdown to display the names.

  1. Click the Add new car snapshot on your Cars app to take you to the New Car screen.
  2. From the right nav, click Customize Screen to bring up the Design Mode.
  3. Select the Contact field and click the down arrow, then choose Columns. This will bring up the Columns Properties Window.

Note: Just to be clear, the term “columns” is used a lot in Method. We’ve seen it in the context of a grid, and in the context of a cell. Now we’re using it in context of a field. In a field, a column is just used to denote a field, another piece of information you’ll be pulling from the table.

4. Right now, the only field displayed under Contact is Record ID, but we want to display more information, so click Add another column and search for the Name field. Click it, and you will be returned to the properties window where you’ll now see it displayed.

5. Follow the same steps to add the EntityType field.
6. Click Save & Close to close the Columns Properties Window.
7. Save the screen now, and then Close to return back to the New Car screen.

Now, when you click the down arrow in the Contacts field on the live screen to bring up your list of contacts to choose from, the contact Name and Customer Type will be displayed in the menu!  This can be very helpful when searching for a specific contact in the list.

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