Obviously when we add a new car and click “Save” we want it to save. If you are currently not customizing the New Car screen, customize it.

  1. Select your Save button, then click the down arrow and select the Click event. This brings up the Action Editor for your Save button.
  2. Again, on the right panel, you will find every action available in Method (see List of Actions for details).
  3. Search for the Save All action, which will save the new car record.
  4. Select the Save All action. You will notice there isn't much to set up for this action.
  5. Make a note in the Internal Notes section, which (as we’ve covered) is there to help identify this particular action sequence for yourself and other people working on your screen.
  6. Click Close and then Close  to exit design mode of the screen.

So - now when you save a car, the car record is saved to the table, but the screen doesn’t go anywhere! Let’s remedy that in the next mission.

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