On the New Car screen, saving the car should take you back to where you came from. Thing is, there's already a link on the screen that takes you back: the Back link.

This is where the action Call Another Action Set  comes in handy.

Basically, this action says "Do whatever that control is doing."

  1. Make sure you are customizing the New Car screen.
  2. Select the arrow on the Save button and choose its Click event to bring up the Action Editor.
  3. Search for Call Another Action Set and select it.
  4. The Select Another Action Set dropdown will list all the controls with events that have actions. The Back (Click) should already be selected.
  5. Type in your Internal Notes, saying something like “Do Back's Click Event actions” so you know which action set it is calling.
  6. Close the Action Editor and close Design Mode

Now when you add a new car and save it, the app will close the Add New Car screen and take you back to the previous screen.

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