PayPal's Payflow Payment Gateway is one of several payment gateways that can be used to accept credit card payments through Method's Payments App.

Requirements For PayPal

To add PayPal Credit Card payments in Method, you will need:

  • The Pro version of PayPal's Payflow Payment Gateway. 

If you do not have Payflow Payment Gateway, then you can sign up for an account on their site

Note: Although no longer available, the older PayPal set up listed below will work for those users who still use it.

  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • PayPal Payflow Pro

Step 1: Set up PayPal

Before you can set up Method for PayPal Credit Card Payments, you must ensure PayPal's Payflow is configured properly. 

1. Sign into

2. Navigate to Service Settings -> Hosted Checkout Pages -> Set Up.

3. Under Choose your setting, ensure Transaction Process Mode is set to Live

4. Under Display options on payment page, set Cancel URL Method to Get.

5. Under Paypal Express Checkout, Enable Paypal Express Checkout should be yes.

If it's already enabled, the section will look like this:

6. Under Security Options, ensure Enable Secure Token is set to Yes. 

7. If you made any changes, Save Changes to commit them. 

Step 2: Add PayPal Credit Card Payments in Method

In this section we will now set up PayPal credit card payments as a payment gateway in your Method account. 

1. Click blue icon in the upper right corner of the screen and then choose Preferences.

2. Click Payment Gateways

3. This opens your Payment Gateways List, where you can view your active and inactive gateways. Select either link which adds a New Payment Gateway.

5. From the Credit Card Company dropdown, choose PayPal Credit Card Payments.

Step 3: Configure Payment Gateway in Method

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to set up the gateway and will be explained further in the sections below.

What is my PayPal Gateway Username?

The PayPal Gateway Username is your user login for your PayPal Gateway as set when you signed up for a PayPal Flow account. 

If you don’t know what your user login is:

  1. Sign into
  2. Go to > Account Administration > Manage Users
  3. Your User Login is your Paypal Gateway Username.

What is my PayPal Gateway Password?

Your PayPal Gateway Password is the password set up when the account was created. If you can’t recall your password, you will need to reset it within PayPal.

What is my PayPal Gateway Partner?

Your PayPal Gateway Partner is either:

  • PayPal (If you are in USA)
  • PayPalCA (if you are in Canada)

What is my PayPal Gateway Vendor?

Your PayPal Gateway Vendor is the same as your PayPal Gateway Username. This is your user login for your PayPal Gateway as set when you signed up for a PayPal Flow account.

What are the other options to fill out?

The rest of the options to fill out should be self explanatory. 

  • Default Deposit To account: The account where money is initially deposited, which is populated by QuickBooks. The defaults you set up here will be overridden by the fields on the New/Edit Payment screen if they don't match, so ensure you fill out those fields with the same information.
  • Currency: You can assign a currency and choose whether to make it the default for this gateway. It's a Method best practice to assign a default currency that coincides with the currency most of your customers will use to pay you.

And finally, the following checkboxes represent non-required options.

  • Active: gateway is active and appears in the active gateways list and in dropdowns throughout Method.
  • Is default payment gateway?: Is this gateway the default payment gateway used for all payments?

When you've filled in your details, click Save.

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