Once you have created your campaign, it's time to create the content of the email that will be sent out. 

However, the email content must be created through an existing campaign. 

  • If you do not have an email campaign created, create a new email campaign first.

  • Otherwise, select an existing email campaign in the Email Campaigns app.

Both of these options bring you to the Email  Campaign screen, where you must click Step 1: Create Email Content.

This opens the Edit Email screen. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. 

The first dropdown lets you select an email template. For more information, please see the Send Email App branch

We won't walk you through the process of creating an email. However, here are the options specific to the Email Campaign.

The Email Body allows for merge fields. For more information, see our article Using Mail Merge in an Email

  • Update the selected email template with the changes made above: If you choose an email template and you make changes to what the template filled in, you can update the original email template with your changes.

  • Append a standard email opt-out messages and link at the bottom of your email: Mass emails must have an unsubscribe link for the recipients. The Email Campaigns app has a default unsubscribe message defined in the preferences. Checking this box will append this message.

  • Opt-out Message: You can further modify the opt-out message here. You will notice a URL link called "http://urlforoptout/". Do not change this. A dynamic address will be generated and included in the email to allow your users to opt-out. 

  • Preview Button: Preview the email.

  • Save & Back: Save the email and go back to the Email Campaign. 

  • Save: Save the email.

Next, you must create a list of contacts to email.

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