You've prepared your template and gathered your list; just a few more steps before you're ready to launch! Note in the below image the Step 1 and Step 2 are checked off, indicating they're complete.

However, before you send off your campaign, you may wish to create a follow-up activity for each of the people on your list. 

By default, you are already creating an activity for each recipient, as indicated by the below checkbox. The comments you create are for this activity. Method:CRM best practice says you should keep track of all your interactions with leads and customers, including when you send them emails, so it's a good idea to keep this checked.

However, underneath those comments, you have the option to create a second activity, a follow-up activity, to follow-up with your customers after you send out this email campaign.

By checking this checkbox, Schedule a follow-up activity, the follow-up activity fields will be displayed where you can configure the follow-up activity:

This can be very useful if the email you're sending out is time-sensitive or requires feedback. Fill out the fields as normal (you can learn more about follow-up activities by clicking here.) 

When you have prepared your activities, it's time to send your email!

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