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Item Categories for QuickBooks Online
Item Categories for QuickBooks Online

Why categories are used in QuickBooks Online

Updated over a week ago

In QuickBooks Online, categories are used to classify products and services (usually represented by items) your company sells to customers. Method's Items App allows you to create and edit categories that sync with your QuickBooks Online account.

The Item Category feature is available in QuickBooks Online only.

For more information on using Item Categories within QuickBooks Online, please refer to their help center article "Introduction to Categories in Products and Services."

Manage Categories

By selecting Manage Categories in the dropdown, you will be taken to a list of all the Item Categories available. 

From there, you can edit a category by selecting it from the list, or create your own category. 

  • Category Name - name for the category.

  • Active? - If unchecked, the category is not available for use.

  • Parent - You can set this category as a sub-category if you set an existing category as its parent.

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