If you have a number of contacts associated to one customer, you can do a mass import of these customers from a .csv or .xls spreadsheet. 

This article will explain the relationship between customers and contacts: they are two completely different things. It will also provide information on the provided contacts import template.

The Relationship between Customers and Contacts

A customer can have multiple contacts, however a contact will only ever have one customer.

In fact, in Method:CRM, a contact cannot exist without a customer and vice versa. When you create or import a customer, a contact is automatically created for that customer. 

Once the customer exists, you can import multiple contacts for that customer. However, you cannot import contacts if an existing customer does not exist yet.

If you want further information on the contact, please see our article "What is a contact?"

Contacts Import Template

To add multiple contacts, you will need to import into the Contacts table. 

The above template will provide a framework to show how your spreadsheet should be formatted. Here is a list of the column headers. The number in brackets is the maximum length the field can be. Surpassing that length will result in an error during import.

  1. *Name (41): Name of the contact. This field is required.

  2. First Name (25): First name of the contact.

  3. Last Name (25): Last name of the contact.

  4. Title (25): Title of your contact.

  5. Phone (21): Main phone number for the contact.

  6. Email (1023): Email address for the contact.

  7. *Entity (41): The Customer Name the contact belongs to. This is required and must e EXACTLY SPELLED the way it is in Method:CRM.

If there are other fields you want in the template, you can add them in. Please view the Contacts table to see which fields are available. If you have custom fields, you will need to add them to Contacts table first. 

How to Find the Classic Import Tool

Importing contacts can only be done from the Classic Import Tool. To find it:

1. Click the preferences icon in the upper right and select Integrations.

2. Click Launch Import & Export.

3. The Import screen will come up and you will be taken to the first step. Click the link Classic Import Tool

4. In the Import / Export tool, select Import into a table from a file.

5. Uncheck "Show only common tables" and select the Contacts table. 

From here, you can follow the instructions to import your contacts!

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