In Method, you are able to add as many additional contacts as needed to your leads. The following steps will guide you through how to add a contact to an existing lead.

Remember, leads are not synced to QuickBooks, and additional contacts are not synced to QuickBooks. Thus, the contact you create here will not sync to QuickBooks. 

Furthermore, a Contact is different from a Customer. You can view our article What is a Contact for more information.

Via the New Contact screen

1. Click ⊕ New on your Contacts App, or click ⊕ New Contact on your Contacts List

2. This opens the New Contact screen. Select Add New Contact To, and in the dropdown, select an existing Customer Lead

3. Once a lead is selected, the fields themselves should be self explanatory. Fill out the information for the new contact. 

4. Click Save to save your changes, or Save & New to save the current contact and clear the screen to enter another one. 

Via the View Contact screen

1. From your Method dashboard, click Active on the Contacts App.

2. This opens your Contacts List screen. Select the existing lead you want to add a contact to. You can search manually or use the search function at the top of the screen. If you change the filter view to Active Leads, you can list only your leads in contacts list.

3. On the app ribbon, locate Other Contacts and click ⊕ New.

4. You are brought to the New Contact screen with the lead already selected in the Existing dropdown. Fill out the information for the new contact. 

5. Click Save to save your changes.

In both cases, this contact is now an additional contact for the lead you've assigned the contact to. The contact will appear in your Contacts List and will be listed under Other Contacts when viewing.

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