The Field Services Pack is made up of the following three apps to help manage work orders in the office and in the field.

  • Work Orders App - manage one-time and recurring work orders
  • Field Crew App - mobile friendly screen to view work orders
  • Time Tracking App - manage time tracking entries from QuickBooks

Field Services is currently in alpha testing. If you wish to test it, please contact our support team to enable it in your account. 

Currently, these apps are available at no charge, however, they will be subject to a subscription fee once live.

Work Orders App 

The purpose of the Work Orders app is to allow you to manage one-time and recurring work orders.

In this app, you can:

  • Add/edit/delete recurring and one-time work order
  • Add/edit/delete items for work order
  • Ability to create, print, and email invoices from work order (bulk actions available too)
  • Create work orders via the calendar

Field Crew App

The Field Crew app is designed for your field team to quickly view work order details, add items, and track time on the job. It comes with a mobile friendly design so your team can easily access all the necessary information at any given time. 

In this app, you can:

  • View (but not edit) work order details and contact information.
  • Add, edit, and delete items in a work order.
  • Track time on the work order for the signed in person.
    - If the user has a QuickBooks entity (ex. QB employee) linked to their Method user, then a time tracking entry will be created and updated in the Time Tracking app.
    - If there is no entity linked, only the work order status will be updated.

App Dependencies

The Field Crew app requires:

  • Work Orders app to fully edit work orders
  • Time Tracking app to view time entries

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