Connect Stripe Payments
How to connect Stripe Payments
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This article covers how to set up Stripe Payments as a payment gateway in Method. Stripe can process payments via credits cards and ACH (USD only).

If the following process does not match your account, then you are on a deprecated version of payment gateways. Please contact our support staff to upgrade your account. 

NOTE: Currently, you can only have one payment gateway set up in your account.

Connect Stripe in Method:CRM

1. Click the circular Preferences Icon in the upper right corner. Select Integrations from the menu. 

2. On the Integrations page, click Payment Gateways. This will take you to the Payment Gateway screen.

3. On the Payment Gateways screen, click Create new payment gateway.

4. A Payments pop-up appears. Enter in your company's phone number, select your country, and check that you have read the terms and conditions. Click Next to continue. It will take a few seconds to activate.

5. You will be taken to a screen to connect your payment gateway. Select Stripe.

6. A prompt will come up telling you to connect to Stripe. Select Connect and this will take you to your Stripe sign in page.

7. If you do not have a Stripe account, you will be asked to create one. Otherwise, log into your Stripe account and follow the prompts to grant permission to allow connection.

8. When complete, you will have connected Stripe to Method:CRM. Click Done to continue.

9. You will be shown a prompt telling you our setup is complete. Click the "x" to exit the configuration. 

10. You will return to Method:CRM. Method:CRM will do one last bit to verify the connection is succeeded. This notification will pop up:

11. And you now have a payment gateway connected Stripe! At the top, it will indicate your payment gateway is connected.

11. If you need to edit your configuration, scroll down and select View payment gateway configurations.

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