Method Labs is a new option available for our users to try out new and upcoming features.

What is the new Method User Interface?

Method is updating their interface and, you have the ability to turn it on to preview what's coming. 

Features of the new Method User Interface:

  • Compact - New interface takes up less space than the current one.
  • Access to Apps - Every app is now accessible from the left menu. Minimized apps available under ⋮ More Apps.
  • Streamlined - The app marketplace, account settings, and integrations are now available from the left menu. Less clicks to get to important areas.

Quick Guide to the UI

There are two major changes in the User Interface which we will outline to help you navigate around faster.


  1. The left menu is more stable and can now be minimized or maximized as needed.
  2. Account settings have been relocated from the top right gear (previous location) to the left menu.
  3. The previous top-right gear has been replaced with a new menu for user settings.

Manage Apps and Customize

Options to Manage apps and customize a screen are now front and center and available by expanding the top tab of the screen a user is currently using. The previous options remain on the app tile on the dashboard and user permissions are still respected in this new area. 

Turning on the New Method User Interface

To turn on the new interface, you need to find Method Labs in your Display Preferences.

1. In the upper right corner, select the Gear icon and then click Preferences.

2. Select Display.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find Method Labs. Underneath you will find a checkbox to enable the preview for the new Method User Interface.

4. Click Save to save your changes.

It may require you to log out and log in again, but once this is enabled, you will get the new interface.

Things To Note

  • It's important to understand this new UI is a beta and only the first step in creating a better Method experience for all users. 
  • This article does not provide extensive details on all the current changes but rather a summary to help our customers. 
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