A “control” is the term we use to describe things you put into your screen - from buttons, to grids, to drop downs.  Take a look at this:

Everything you see on this screen is a control, but there are three different unique types of controls Method allows you to add to a screen.

Thankfully they’re divided into three convenient, collapsible sections in your Properties panel.

  • Containers: Containers separate controls into different groups on the screen, sort of like windows.
  • Objects: You can think of the term “object” as sort of a catch-all term for anything you can drag onto your screen, from buttons to pictures, drop downs to calendars. You can check out a full list of objects in our Reference section.
  • Fields: Remember when we talked about fields in our Database section? Well, then you’ll remember that each screen is assigned a Base Table that can’t be changed.  All the fields available in that base table are available in this list - you can drag and drop any of them onto the screen from here.

The search bar is a great new feature that’s going to make your life a lot easier.  If you’re looking for a particular control and you don’t remember what it’s called (this is often true when you’re dealing with a Base Table that has a lot of fields), you can type in part of the name (say Customer, for example) and the search function will display all the controls with the word Customer in them - every field, object, or container. Then just scroll through and find the one you wanted!  Functional and elegant!

Check out our Reference section for a full list of controls and what they do!

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