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Customization Concepts
Customization Concepts

A reference for Method's drag and drop customization platform

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Welcome to Method Customization!An overview on how to learn Method's customization

Controls: OverviewElements you can drag onto the screen to provide functionality
SectionsHow to create Sections during Customization.
Address Lookup ComponentCapture address information by looking up a database of real-world locations.
Button ObjectDifferent types of settings, styles, and actions that can be used on buttons.
Attachments ObjectHow to use Attachments in Method
Button Menu ObjectReduce the number of buttons on the screen with the button menu.
Calendar ObjectHow to Customize Calendar Objects
Chart ObjectHow to use the Chart Object to display reports in Method
Checkbox ObjectVarious Settings and actions associated with the Checkbox object.
DateTime PickerHow to use DateTime Picker and let users choose date and time information on the screens.
Dropdown ObjectHow to configure the dropdown object in Method
Editable GridsHow to configure and use the editable grid object
Gallery ObjectHow to customize the gallery object.
Grid ObjectConcept, settings and properties of the grid object
HTML Editor ObjectCustomizing the HTML Editor object in Method
Icon ObjectIcons you can display on Method Screens.
Map WidgetDisplay locations specified by Map Route option in the Mapping Functions action.
Payment Widget Object [Deprecated][DEPRECATED] Information and restrictions for customizing the payment widget.
Picture ObjectInsert a Picture on the Screen
Radio Button ObjectHow to use Radio buttons in Method
Recurrence WidgetHow to customize the recurrence widget to give users recurring activities.
Signature ComponentGive users the ability to use e-sign as a way to capture an approval for a record .
Text ObjectHow to use Text object on Screens during Customization
Text Input ObjectHow to use Text Input Objects on the Screen
Toggle ObjectHow to use the Toggle object on the screen

List of ActionsAll the actions available for you when customizing Method.
Add Attachment to Record ID ActionAn action to attach a file attachment to an existing Record ID.
Assign Value to Action Result ActionUsing the action "Assign value to action result".
Assign Value to Shared Result ActionHow to assign values to shared results via customization in Method.
Calculate Currency Conversion ActionFor QuickBooks Online accounts enabled with multi-currency.
Call Routine ActionThis action allows you to reuse the actions of another control
Call Web Service ActionShare data over the internet with another machine.
Character Function ActionThis action contains multiple functions to manipulate and parse text.
Check Permission ActionAn action to check a user's permissions and rights for a given app.
Clear Screen for New Entry ActionAn action to clear a screen filled with fields.
Conditional Statement ActionAn action to branch between two conditions (If / else statement)
Create Short Method URL ActionAn action to create a short URL to easily share.
Credit Card Processing Action [Deprecated][DEPRECATED] An action to process credit card information with your payment gateway.
Date Functions ActionThis action contains multiple functions to manipulate and parse date and time.
Delete Records from Table ActionAn action to delete one or more records from a table.
Enable/Disable Controls ActionAn action to enable, disable, or toggle a control on screen.
Expand/Collapse Section ActionAn action to expand, collapse, or toggle a section.
Generate Report ActionThis action allows you to use a report created in the report designer.
Go to Screen ActionAn action to redirect the user to a Method screen.
Go to Web Page ActionAn action to redirect the user to an external web page.
Insert Records Into Table ActionAn action to insert a record or duplicate a record.
Loop Through Attachments ActionHow to loop through attachments via customization.
Loop Through Grid ActionAn action to loop through specific records displayed on a grid and apply actions to them.
Loop Through Table ActionAn action to go through specific records in a table and apply actions to them.
Mapping Functions ActionHow to use the Mapping Functions action.
Math Function ActionAn action to do math on numerical values.
Merge Entities/Contacts ActionAn action to merge customers leads and contacts.
Prepare for Accounting ActionAn action to calculate the amount in transactions.
Process Payment ActionAn action to process a payment
Process Payment Action — ChargeSelecting Charge for the Process Payment Action
Process Payment Action — Pre-AuthorizationSelecting Pre-Authorization for the Process Payment Action
Process Payment Action — Refund & VoidSelecting Refund or Void for the Process Payment action
Refresh Control ActionAn action to refresh a grid, chart, or calendar.
Retrieve Exchange Rate ActionHow to retrieve exchange rates for QuickBooks Online accounts enabled with multi-currency.
Retrieve Value from Email Gadget ActionAn action to retrieve values from email gadgets.
Retrieve Values from Table ActionAn action to pull values from a record in a table.
Save All ActionThis action is used to save the fields on screen to a table
Send Email ActionUsing the Send Email Action
Send Mobile Push ActionAn action to show a notification, only for Method's mobile app.
Send SMS ActionSends a SMS to the specified recipient's phone number.
Show Message ActionAn action to show a pop-up message to the user.
Set Active Record ID for Screen ActionThis action will set a value to the Screen Active Record ID
Set Focus to Control ActionThis action will give focus to a control
Set View Filter ActionThis action will change the view filter of a grid
Show/Hide Controls ActionThis action allows you to make controls visible or invisible on the screen
Show Right Panel ActionThis action displays the right panel to invite users and manage tags
Stop Processing More ActionsThis action halts any further actions in the action list
Update Controls on Screen ActionThis action allows you to edit the value of a control
Update Editable Grid Read Only Property ActionAn action to update read only properties for editable grids.
Update Fields in Table ActionThis action allows you to modify an existing record in a table
Validate Controls on Screen ActionHow to validate controls on screen in Method.