The following is a list of import templates for Method:CRM's Import/Export tool. These links will give you a file to use as a guide for creating an import .csv file or an excel (.xls) file. 

Before doing any imports, please review our article Important Terms to understand.

Lead and Customer Import Templates

Above are Excel templates to show how import spreadsheets should be formatted. It includes:

  • Required fields

  • Commonly-used fields (Do not alter the field names in the first row)

  • Field length restrictions (Hover over field names to see comments)

  • Sample data (Replace with your own data)

The following is a list of the column headers we’ve included for you. The character maximum length will be indicated in brackets.

  1. CompanyName (41): Lead’s company name.

  2. Name (41): Required field. This field is the display name that syncs to QuickBooks. Normally the first and last name, or the your company name.

  3. FirstName (25): Required field only for QuickBooks Online. First name of your lead.

  4. LastName (25): Last name of your lead.

  5. Contact (41): Name of the contact for your lead. Method:CRM automatically creates a contact for each lead based on the Name field.

  6. Phone (21): Main phone number for this lead.

  7. Email (1023): Lead’s email address.

  8. BillAddress fields (each at 41): There are three fields marked BillAddressAddr and are provided in addition to BillAddressCity, BillAddressCountry, BillAddressState and BillAddressPostalCode. The BillAddressAddr fields are typically used for the lead name, street address, and suite number if necessary.

If there are other fields you want in the template, you can add them in. Please view the Customer table to see which fields are available. If you have custom fields, you will need to add them to Customer table first.

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