Exporting Leads

How to export customer leads from Method.

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The export tool also allows you to export lists of leads, customers and other records from your Method account and into a handy spreadsheet format. This article will be specific to exporting leads, but for a more generic article, please see Exporting a file from Method.

Before you begin, you may want to make sure you have the proper permissions. Please see our article Giving Access to the Import and Export Tools

Access the Export Tool

  1. Click your profile icon in the upper right and choose Integrations.

  2. Click Export.

  3. Select the Customer table. Even though we are exporting leads, they are all still found in the customer table.

  4. Select which fields you want to export. This will determine what information will appear in your exported spreadsheet. You can do this one-at-a-time or you can Select all fields or Deselect all fields using the links at the top. You can also search for a field.

  5. Check Filtering options to apply additional filtering to your export. In this article, we are focusing on leads, so we will filter the data to only export leads.

  6. Criteria builder should be selected by default. For the following dropdowns:

    • Change Field IsLeadStatusOnly .

    • Change Operator Is True .

  7. When you are ready, click the Export button to immediately download your .csv file. The Records to be exported is the max number of records you can export. It is not the total number of records.

NOTE: To increase the number of records you can export, select less fields in the table. For example, you will more than likely not need any field which ends with a _RecordID.

Your file will be downloaded by your browser, which you can open in the application of your choice.

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