Exporting data from Method

How to export data out of Method

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There are two ways to export data from Method:

In both cases, you will receive a .csv file.

NOTE: There is a maximum number of records you can export, and it is dependent on the fields (columns) you include in the export. The more fields you add reduces the number of records to export. When using Export Tool, you will be shown the maximum number of records it can export.

Using the export button on a grid

On every grid, you will find a button icon right beside the search bar with a cloud icon on it. This will allow you to download data displayed the grid.

The export button allows you download a .csv file of your data, or send the data to Mailchimp.

When the data is exported, it will only export data you see in the grid. In other words, the export will respect:

  • The current filter view

  • The set visible columns (whether default or from the grid settings)

  • The current search terms (if any)

Using the Export Tool

To export data from Method:

  1. Click the profile icon in the upper right and choose Integrations.

  2. Click Export.

  3. Select a table you want to export from.

  4. When you select a table, a list of all the fields will appear. You can select all the fields, deselect the fields, and even use the search bar to find fields you need to select. Select the fields you want to export. The below image shows the Contacts table.

When you are ready to export, you can click the Export button. This will immediately download the file. Note, the number of "Records to be exported" is the maximum number of records the export tool can currently allow. It does not indicate the total that will be exported.

Note: This feature is only available for Admins on the account.

Filtering your Export

Before you export, you do have the option to filter what gets exported. For example, if you are exporting from the Contacts table, you may wish to only export contacts who are active.

To filter, click the Filter options checkbox:

This give you two options to filter by:

Please see the linked articles for more information.

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