There are a number of platforms that will host QuickBooks desktop for you on the cloud, ensuring your data is fully secure and always accessible from any location with an Internet connection. These include Right Networks, GoToMyERP, Summit, Ace Hosting, Insync, and many others.

Getting Method working on these platforms normally requires roaming turned on for your account, which can only be done by our support team.

  1. Inform the QuickBooks Hosting provider you are a Method user and wish to install the Method.

  2. Transfer the QuickBooks file use use with Method to the provider's server.

  3. Sign up for a Method:CRM account (if you haven’t done so already).

  4. Contact Method Support at 1-888-925-6238, or, or our chat, and request to have roaming turned on for your account.

  5. Have the Method Sync Engine installed on the provider's server (Depending on the host, this will be done by them or by you).

  6. Log onto the server and open QuickBooks to the correct QuickBooks company file. The Method sync engine will launch automatically.

  7. Enter your Method email and password and begin a sync to your Method account.

And that's it, you're officially signed up.

For those using Right Networks, we have a FAQ page to answer more of your questions.

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