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Will Condensing My QuickBooks File Affect Method?
Will Condensing My QuickBooks File Affect Method?

How condensing a Quickbooks file affects Method.

Updated over a week ago

No matter the size of your business, your QuickBooks Desktop file will grow quite large, resulting in performance issues, slow loading time, and unexplained glitches.

One solution is to use the QuickBooks archive/condense utility, but there are small implications with Method.

NOTE: The Condense Data Utility is only available for the US version of QuickBooks. You are unable to condense versions of other countries.

How Condensing your QuickBooks file Impacts Method

When condensing your QuickBooks data, do not delete any customers (with no transactions) or Items.

If you delete them, you might see some issues with your data in Method as well.

NOTE: If you wish to delete those customers while condensing, please reach out to our support team ( or 1-888-925-6238 x2) before doing this process.

More information on QuickBooks Condense Data Utility

The Condense Data utility in QuickBooks Desktop streamlines your company data file by removing unused list elements and condensing closed transactions into summary journal entries. These changes made to your company file affect your accounts in exactly the same way as the detailed transactions. Read through the following article to know more about condensing: limitations, how it is done, and what to do before, during, and after the process.

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