There are a number of things you need to understand about fields before creating your own table, and this article will cover field attributes and types. We will be showing screenshots from viewing a table so you can familiarize yourself with the icons and terminology used.

If you are wondering where to view and create tables, this is covered in greater detail in Creating Custom Apps.

For this article, we will use a fictional table which will hold data for pets.

Field Attributes

When you view a table, you will notice some icons beside the field names, and when you hover over the icons, it will inform you of the attribute.


Let’s say you have a table that holds customer records.  A required field is the field that must be filled out in order for the record to save to the table. While the specific fields may vary from table to table, any table can impose rules of this kind. For example, our pets table requires the Name field to have a value in it in order for the record to save.


A unique field, on the other hand, refers to the value itself.  Basically, a unique field is one whose value is different than any other value currently saved in that table. As mentioned before, the RecordID field is a unique field to uniquely identify the record. In our pets table, imagine there is a record for the pet "Fluffytron." If Fluffytron has a RecordID of 13, no other record in the pet table will have 13 as their RecordID.

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