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Estimates App Description and Perks

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Estimates are the presumed price for what you’ll provide a customer, either a best guess at a price, or an offer to be accepted or rejected by the customer. It is sometimes referred to as a 'quote'.

Either way, it’s good business to keep track of the estimates you’ve sent to customers, because they represent the offer on the table – and good businesses always live up to their agreements!

This app is part of the Sales Transactions Pack.

The below image shows the Estimate screen for Method accounts connecting to QuickBooks online.

App perks

  • Create brand new estimates for products and services.

    • Add QuickBooks items or create your own in Method.

  • Print or email estimates directly from Method to your customers.

    • Control how your estimate looks by assigning templates.

  • Control when your estimates sync to QuickBooks.

    • Don't sync until you're ready.

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