Update an Opportunity in Progress

How to update an existing opportunity in Method.

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A sales opportunity record, once logged, will be updated several times as it progresses through the pipeline. As the opportunity enters new stages, users should update the original record to reflect where the opportunity is in the pipeline. This updates pipeline amounts that influence your potential revenue as illustrated in your charts.

These updates take place in the Edit Opportunity screen, where users can also see a full record of all activities and transactions associated with this sales opportunity in the app ribbon. The following steps will show you how to update a logged sales opportunity in Method's Opportunities App.

Update sales opportunity information

  1. From your Method dashboard, click Pipeline on your Opportunities App.

  2. This opens the Opportunities List. Locate the opportunity you wish to close and click on it. You can search manually or use the search function at the top of the screen. If your opportunity is not showing, check your filter view to make sure it isn't being filtered.

    There are a variety of options available on this screen to filter your list. Most are self-explanatory, excepting the following:

    • Final stages: Displays all opportunities with a probability percentage of 70% or greater.

    • Web leads: Displays all opportunities originating from a web to lead form.

  3. Selecting an opportunity in the grid opens it up in the New / Edit Opportunity screen where you are free to edit the fields.

  4. If you alter the opportunity's Stage (e.g. if it has progressed to the next stage in the pipeline), your Probability (%) is updated.
    As we have discussed before, the probability percentage is applied to the opportunity amount to calculate the pipeline amount, which is updated in your charts when you save your changes here.

    • Prospecting: 10%

    • Qualification: 10%

    • Needs Analysis: 20%

    • Value Proposition: 50%

    • Id. Decision Makers: 60%

    • Perception Analysis: 70%

    • Proposal/Price Quote: 70%

    • Negotiation/Review: 90%

  5. When you are finished updating the sales opportunity, there are a few buttons at the bottom to choose from.

    • More Actions [▾]

      • Clear / New: Clear all the fields on the screen to enter in a new opportunity.

      • Delete: Delete the Opportunity. Deleting an opportunity cannot be undone, but associated activities and transactions are not deleted along with it.

      • Make a Copy: Create a separate copy of the Opportunity. Duplicating a sales opportunity can be helpful if a campaign is bringing in a lot of near-identical leads where the only change in information is the contact name.

    • Email Contact - Takes you to the Send Email app where you can send an email.

    • Save [▾]:

      • Save [▾] - Save & New: Saves your opportunity and clears the fields to create a new opportunity.

      • Save [▾] - Save & Back: Save the opportunity and navigate to the previous screen.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully updated your sales opportunity.

The next step in a sales opportunity is usually to close it, either as a won or lost opportunity. To learn how to close an opportunity, click here.

Related Information for the Opportunity

On the right of the opportunity, you will find a vertical bar of icons that provides an easy way to access all the related information for this Opportunity.

Selecting an icon will open up a small panel with the related data. For example, in the below image, the Estimates icon was clicked and a panel opens showing a list of estimates for this opportunity.

With the ⊕ New link, you can also create new activities, estimates, sales orders and invoices and they will be automatically linked to this sales opportunity:

Clicking ⊕ New takes you to the New screen of the relevant app, where you can create your new record as usual. Again, any new record you create in this way will be associated to this opportunity.

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