The Web to Lead app gives you a web form to collect information from potential customers (or leads). A lead is a potential customer. Therefore, leads are not synced to QuickBooks until the lead is converted to a customer. 

When the form is filled out, the following occurs:

  • A lead is created from the contact's information.

  • An opportunity is created for this lead.

  • An activity is created to follow up with the lead.

  • A notification is sent out that a new lead was created.

The form itself can be embedded on your company website using an iframe, so you can capture leads directly from your website. 

App perks

The app provides an initial web to lead form with the option to create additional but unique links to that same form. For example, you may have a simple form for people to contact you on your website, but you may also have another form used from social media.

With the Web To Lead app, you will be able to track

  • The Web To Lead Forms you have active or inactive.

  • The number of views each form has accumulated.

  • How many people have responded and filled in the form.

  • The conversion rate of the form (Views / Responses).

When a potential customer fills in the information on the web to lead form, it will automatically:

  • Create a new lead in the Contacts App.

  • Create a Sales Opportunity associated with that lead.

  • Create two activities: One that a lead was entered, another to follow-up with the lead.

  • Notify your staff via email so they can reach out to the lead; no more missed opportunities.

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