Properties: Insert Control

Different types of controls available on the screen.

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A “control” is the term we use to describe things you put into your screen - buttons, grids, drop downs, etc. In the below image, everything you see is a control. Even the containers holding controls.

On the right, is the Properties panel:

It has three tabs and the first tab allows you to insert controls. Since there a number of controls to choose from, Method separates the controls into three unique types. Each type is in its own collapsible section as shown below.

  • Containers: Containers separate controls into different groups on the screen, sort of like windows. At the moment, there is only one type of container, the Section.

  • Objects: You can think of the term “object” as sort of a catch-all term for anything you can drag onto your screen. These include: buttons, pictures, dropdown menus, calendars, grids, etc. You can check out a full list of objects in our Controls: Overview article.

  • Fields: When you create a screen, you need to select a Base table. All the fields available in that base table are available to drag on to the screen, and those fields have a direct connection to that table.

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