Sales Tax Item Type

Description of the Sales Tax Item Type

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The Sales Taxes item allows you to apply tax to a total.

Note: This item is available in QuickBooks Desktop only.

To add this as an item, you will need to add a new item within the Items app, and choose Sales Tax. If you do not see the Items app, you will need to get access permission for this app from your administrator. The Items app is found in the Accounting Lists Pack.

When you select Sales Tax, you'll be taken to the New Item Screen. The fields are described below.

  • Name: The name of the tax you choose to apply (e.g. sales tax).

  • Description: Add details about this item that aren’t covered by other fields on the screen by writing them down here.

  • Tax rate (%): Apply your tax rate here (e.g. 15%) so Method can auto-calculate a total when it’s applied.

  • Tax agency: This is the vendor to which you pay your sales tax. These options come from QuickBooks file and include a full list of your vendors.

  • Available for reorders: Allow your customer to reorder this item. (Not visible unless Reorders are enabled in the Opportunities App preferences).

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