Other Charge Item Type

Description of the Other Charge item type.

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This is a catch-all option for miscellaneous items and fees that don't fit into other item categories.

Note: This item is available in QuickBooks Desktop only.

To add this as an item, you will need to add a new item within the Items app, and choose Other Charge. If you do not see the Items app, you will need to get access permission for this app from your administrator. The Items app is found in the Accounting Lists Pack.

When you select Other Charge, you'll be taken to the New Item Screen. The fields are described below.

Other Charge Item Details

  • Item Name / Number*: Identify the item or fee by name or by number.

  • Subitem of: An Other charge may be considered a subitem of an existing item already in your QuickBooks account (for example, it may be considered an unspecified charge for a particular item or service, e.g. environmental handling fees). You can use this drop down list to associate it with an existing item.

  • Active Other Charge Item: Click on this option to ensure this item appears in the "Active" filter view in the items grid.


  • Available for reorders: Allow your customer to reorder this item. (Not visible unless Reorders are enabled in the Opportunities App preferences).

  • Sales Description: Include a description of what item was purchased.

  • Sales Price: The amount your company charges for this item, in dollars.

  • % (Percent Checkbox): Used to specify the rate as an added percentage to your cost. For example, set the rate to 50 and check-off the Percent box for an item that costs you $100; the rate charged to the customer will be $150.

  • Tax Code: Choose whether or not the sales amount is tax-applicable.

  • Income Account*: Choose which account will be associated with the customer payment. This list comes from QuickBooks.


  • Used in assemblies/is reimbursable charge: Check this box if the item is used to assemble other items, or is a reimbursable charge. This record is flagged in QuickBooks. Once checked, the fields below it will display.

  • Purchase Description: Include a description of the item. Use it to include additional information that isn't covered in other fields on this screen.

  • Cost: The price of the item purchased in dollars.

  • Expense Account*: The account debited for the purchase. These options come from QuickBooks.

  • Preferred vendor: The vendor you usually use if applicable. These options come from QuickBooks.

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