The following steps will show you how to create a new bill in the Method:CRM Bills App.

Note: Differences exist between how QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online accounts sync with Method:CRM, which means some of the fields appear differently (and sometimes do not appear at all). We note where these discrepancies appear.

Create a Bill

1. Click ⊕ New on your Bills App, or click ⊕ New Bill from your Bill List

2. Choose a vendor (supplier) who sent you this bill.

3. Below are the fields you will see on a typical bill.

  • Bill #: Ref number for the bill. Leave blank to auto-calculate.

  • Account (QBDT Only): Choose the account the bill is applied to.

  • Bill Date: Date the bill was created, entered, or received

  • Due Date: When the vendor expects payment

  • Terms: The terms which payment is expected to be made

  • Wait for approval before syncing with QuickBooks?: Prevents the bill from syncing to QuickBooks until a user unchecks this option and saves.

  • Tags: Assign tags to this bill (see Tags.)

4. Select Item Details or Account Details to add QuickBooks details to this bill. In the below image, Account Details has been selected.

Note, although the amount within the grid will be updated, the Amount Due will remain uncalculated until you hit save on the Bill transaction.

Note: To choose an item and/or an account in the grid, it must first exist. You can create new ones through Method:CRM's Items App and/or Accounts App respectively. Alternatively, you can also add items and accounts within QuickBooks.

5. Add a memo to the bill (e.g. "catering for office party").

6. When you have finished your bill, click Save to update the Amount Due.

This bill is now visible in your Bills List!

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