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Error - Application Cannot Be Started
Error - Application Cannot Be Started

Troubleshooting the error: " Application cannot be started." for accounts with QuickBooks Desktop.

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Some QuickBooks Desktop users may be prompted with a message “Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor.

Solution 1 - Rename Windows local/apps/2.0 folder

  1. Completely shut down the Sync Engine.

  2. In Windows, navigate to the folder:
    Where [username] is the name of the Windows user (as shown in the image below):

    However, this folder is generally hidden by default, you can unhide that folder by going to:

    1. Organize > Folder and Search Option.

    2. Click on View tab.

    3. Click on Show Hidden files, folder and drives.

  3. Rename the 2.0 folder (choose a name that makes sense for you).

  4. Run the Method Sync Engine. This will recreate the folder you renamed above.

At this point, the sync engine should run properly.

Solution 2 - Disable / Re-enable antivirus

If Solution 1 does not work for you, your antivirus program may be conflicting with the sync engine.

  1. Disable your antivirus program.

  2. Turn off the Windows Defender Firewall:

    • Control Panel ⇨

    • System & Security ⇨

    • Windows Defender Firewall ⇨

    • Turn Windows Defender Firewall off.

  3. Re-enable your antivirus program and the Windows Defender Firewall.

At this point, the sync engine should run properly.

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