Error - Connection Failure

Troubleshooting the "Connection Failure" error on the Method Sync Engine.

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Getting a Connection Failure

This article explains why the Method PUSH™ status on your Method Integration Engine shows a status of Connection Failure, and how to get it Connected.

Note that only the Method Push realtime connection is affected by this and not Full and Changes-only syncs.

The most common reasons for a failed connection is due to web traffic restrictions on your machine:

  • Antivirus/firewall Software: Configure your antivirus/firewall software to allow incoming/outgoing traffic for the following two files:
    - EngineLauncher.exe
    - MethodQBListen.exe

  • Your office network is behind a hardware firewall - your IT technician will need to set a specified port range for the Integration Engine to use; see the Troubleshooting section of our Server Installations article. Once that's done your IT tech can make further configurations to allow TCP and UDP traffic through these ports. Additional work may be needed depending on the configuration of your specific network.

How it Works

When launching QuickBooks and opening your company file, the Method Integration Engine automatically launches and starts a Changes-Only sync. Near the bottom of the Integration Engine, you'll notice a line that shows the Method PUSH™ connection status. This is the feature that provides real-time synchronization between Method:CRM and QuickBooks.

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