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Why can't I see my past transactions
Why can't I see my past transactions

Reasons you can't see past transactions in Method for QuickBooks Desktop.

Updated over a week ago

To improve sync times, fulfilled transactions, like a paid invoice, will not be synced from QuickBooks Desktop if it's outside a date range which you can set in your sync preferences.

This does not mean the invoice doesn't exist. It still is retained in QuickBooks, however, it is not synced over. For most companies, past transactions are not needed in day to day operations.

NOTE: Invoices with a balance greater than zero and sales orders that are not fully invoiced ignore this rule until they are paid off in full.

If you require to have your past transactions in Method, you can extend this range under Transaction History.

NOTE: Administrator permissions are required to access the QuickBooks Preferences.

Change Transaction History for All Transactions

  1. Click the Profile icon in the upper right and click Integrations.

  2. Select QuickBooks Sync.

  3. Click Expand on Advanced option.

  4. Expand the dropdown for Maintain transaction history on Method for the past and select a time period.

Change Transaction History for One or More Transactions

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 above to get to your Integrations β†’ QuickBooks Sync β†’ Advanced preferences.

  2. Select Edit history settings per transaction type:

  3. This will open up a new page called History Per Transaction Type. Select a date range for each transaction you wish to keep the history for.

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