Loop Through Grid Action

An action to loop through specific records displayed on a grid and apply actions to them.

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The Loop through Grid action is used to apply a number of actions to select records displayed within a grid, including its multiple pages.

This is used instead of Loop through Table when it's important to preserve the view filters and search terms of the Method user. It also allows the user to select a subset of rows within the grid.



Select a grid

A grid, available on the current screen, to loop through.

Only select rows that are checked

Normally, the loop will go through the entire grid, taking into consideration the filter and search criteria. Checking this, you can further filter the grid by only using the rows that are checked.

Embedding actions

  • Actions are embedded within the Loop Through Grid action. This is indicated by indented actions marked by a blue line. In the below image, there are two actions inside of our Loop Through Grid action: Assign Value to Action Result action and Update Fields in Table action. The Show Message action is outside of the loop.

  • The Loop Through Grid action will go through each row in sequence and applies all of its embedded actions to the record of that row.

  • If Only select rows that are checked is not selected, this action will loop through all the records in the grid. If the grid has multiple pages, the action will go through all the pages. Remember, however, the view filters are preserved. 

  • To add a new action to the Loop Through Grid action, hover over the action. The “” plus sign will add an action indented within the Loop Through Grid action. You can also drag and drop other actions within the Loop Through Grid action.

  • Actions embedded within the loop will have access to the data of each row. Note in the below example action, I can pull values from grid columns of the Loop.


In this scenario, we have a grid with the its checkbox column enabled.

Below it is a button called Approve Selected. When pressed, will set the selected rows to approved for a ficitonal table called Rewards.

In the Click event for this button, the Loop Through Grid action will iterate through every selected row in the grid.

And for each selected row, it will run the action Update Fields in Table. Note the blue vertical line which groups it to the Loop. 

Within Update Fields in Table action, you can set the criteria to match with the row's Record ID.

And, for that one record, it will updated its IsApproved field to Yes.

The complicated part is letting the action know which record to update. Going back to the Criteria Builder, you want the RecordID of the table to match the RecordID of the Loop. Notice the right dropdown now has a subset called Loop? This subset of fields only appears if the action is embedded in a loop. Make sure the correct RecordID fields are being compared.

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