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Method:CRM Zapier - List of Create Actions
Method:CRM Zapier - List of Create Actions
A detailed look at the Method:CRM create actions available in Zapier
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When a zap triggers, you can set it to do a number of Method:CRM Actions in Zapier

There are two types of actions Method:CRM you can do:

  • Search Actions - Actions that will search for and return a record (if it exists) from your Method:CRM account.

  • Create Actions - Actions that will create a record within in your Method:CRM account.

This article will detail the create actions and list out the information each action expects in order to successfully complete.

For a look at Method:CRM's Zapier Create actions, please see our article Method:CRM Zapier - list of Search Actions

Method:CRM Create Actions 

These are the actions which can create a record in Method:CRM:

  • Add Activity

  • Add Customer or Customer Lead

  • Add Opportunity

  • Add Contact to Existing Entity - This will add a contact to an already existing customer, lead, or vendor.

  • Add Generic Entry - This allows you to add a record to any existing table in Method:CRM.

Note that each create action also allows you to insert data into custom fields: 

To clarify, these are fields that already exist in the table, and can be stock fields or custom fields you have created yourself. Tables within Method:CRM have a number of fields and they cannot all be listed. However, the above allows you to enter data into any field of the table. 

  1. On the left text box, you will enter the field name. This must be spelled exactly, and must already exist in the table. 

  2. The dropdown box on the right allows you to specify the data you wish to enter into the field.

  3. The plus and minus allows you to add or remove fields.

Adding an Activity via Zapier

  • Start Date (required)

  • Due Date

  • Comments

  • Opportunity RecordID

  • Contact RecordID - If you do not have the RecordID for a contact, use the Find Contact action before this. 

  • Status (required)

  • Type (required)

  • Assigned To (required)

  • Custom Fields

Adding a Customer or Customer Lead via Zapier

  • First Name (required)

  • Last Name

  • Name (required)

  • Company Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Billing Address Line 1, Billing Address Line 2, Billing Address Line 3 - Note the address is broken into three different fields for each line. 

  • Billing City

  • Billing Country

  • Billing Postal Code - Also stores the zip code.

  • Billing State/Province

  • Is Customer Lead?

  • Custom Fields

Adding an Opportunity via Zapier

  • Contact RecordID (required) - If you do not have the RecordID for a contact, use the Find Contact actions before this. 

  • Opportunity Name (required)

  • Assigned To (required)

  • Close Date (required)

  • Description

  • Opportunity Stage (required)

  • Opportunity Type

  • Amount

  • Custom Fields

Adding a Record to any Table via Zapier

This special action allows you to add data to any table within Method:CRM. As long as you have the table name and the field, you can update any table. 

  • Table Name (required)

  • Fields - Similar to entering custom fields in the previous actions.

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