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Zapier: Add Slack Notifications for New Method Opportunities
Zapier: Add Slack Notifications for New Method Opportunities

Using Zapier, you can create a notification in a Slack channel for new opportunities

Updated over a week ago

When you Create a new Method opportunity, this zap will automatically create a notification in Slack in a channel of your choice. This document will help you configure the below Method:CRM + Slack Zapier template.

NOTE: This is a multi-step zap with more than one action. You will need a paid Zapier plan in order to use it.

How this template works

  1. Zap is triggered once an opportunity is created in Method.

  2. Find the contact in Method for its Record ID.

  3. Give the opportunity amount a currency format.

  4. Format the closed date of the opportunity.

  5. Strip the description of HTML tags since Slack will display the HTML tags.

  6. Post opportunity notification to Slack.

How to configure this template

Once you click the above button link, you will be taken to your Zapier account with the template open to be edited.

  1. The first step is the trigger for the new opportunity. Sign in to your Method account, give Zapier permission, and then click continue. After that, you will need to click Test & Continue to pull in test data. 

  2. The next step will finds the contact Record ID for that opportunity. Select your Method account and click Continue. Accept the defaults for customizing the contact and click Continue. Finally, click Test & Continue to go to the next step.

  3. The third step formats the opportunity amount. Feel free to change it to your preferred currency format and click Continue. Then click Test & Continue to go to the next step.

  4. Next up is formatting the date. Feel free to choose your own date format preference and click Continue. Then click Test & Continue.

  5. One final field to format. This step formats the description text to remove the HTML tags. Click Continue and then click Test & Continue.

  6. Sign into your Slack account for the final action. You will need to allow Zapier to have permission and click Continue.

  7. Once connected, you can configure how the notification will look. The required fields you need are:

    • Channel - The channel you wish to put the notification into. 

    • Message Text - The text to show.

  8. Once you Test & Review the previous action, you are done! Turn on the zap and new Method opportunities will be sent to Slack!

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