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Zapier: Add Method activities for labeled emails in Gmail
Zapier: Add Method activities for labeled emails in Gmail

Using Zapier, you can create an activity for emails you apply a label to in Gmail

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When you tag an email is tagged in Gmail, this zap will automatically create an Email Incoming Activity and mark it as complete. This document will help you configure the below Method:CRM + Gmail Zapier template.


  • This is a multi-step zap with more than one action. You will need a paid Zapier plan in order to use it.

  • You will be required to have API access within Method.

How this Template Works

  1. New Labeled Email - Zap is triggered when someone labels an email in a specified Gmail account.

  2. Find Contact - Using the email from step 1, it will search for the contact in the specified Method count. If the contact doesn't exist, then the zap will stop.

  3. Add Activity - Add an activity for the contact found in step 2.

How to configure this template

Once you click the above button link, you will be taken to your Zapier account with the template open to be edited. The following steps are long, but we'll go through each step in detail.

Step 1. New Labeled Email in Gmail

  • Connect your Gmail account. If you haven't already connected your account, then you will be prompted to authenticate with it. Once done, click continue.

  • Customize Labeled Email - Since the template does not know what label you wish to trigger the save on, you need to select one. In the below example, we selected a label called "Campaign". Once selected, click Continue.

  • Once connected, click Test Trigger to pull in the latest email from Gmail that has the specified label. Make sure an email exists with the label so the zap can have a proper test.

  • Data will be pulled in from Gmail and you can verify it looks correct. This data will be used as sample data to set up the rest of the zap. Click Continue to continue to the next step.

Step 2. Find Contact in Method CRM

  • This step will find a contact based on the email from Step 1. First you need to choose and authenticate your Method account. Click Continue and select your Method account. Then click Continue again and authenticate.

  • The next step will attempt to find a contact by the email pulled from Gmail in Step 1. Also, don't check off "Create Method CRM Contact". You shouldn't need to configure anything in this step so click Continue.

  • Like the previous steps, Zapier will now test the action. You don't need to configure anything in this step so click Test & Continue to go to Step 3.

Step 3. Add Activity in Method CRM

  • The final step, step 3, configures the action to add an activity. Again, you need to choose your Method account and click continue.

  • You will need to customize the activity now. First, look at what's being added to the activity comments. Feel free to change the comments to how you want the activity to look. You can put in your own styling and HTML too.

  • Scrolling down, you can see you can't continue until you've completed all the required fields. The only one you need to fill in is the Assigned To field. All activities will be assigned to this Method User. Once this is filled in, you can click Continue.

  • Almost done! Click Test & Continue to test this Zap. This will create an activity in your Method account. Review the activity to make sure it looks like you want! If not, go back and make changes.

  • And you're done! After everything is tested and successful, turn your Zap on!

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