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Why do I have blank pages on my reports?
Why do I have blank pages on my reports?

How to fix a report or transaction printout if it contains blank pages.

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes a report or a transaction printout (like an invoice) will contain blank pages in the pdf. Listed in this article are two causes and how to solve them.

1 - Object or Element lie outside of the right margins

Objects outside of the margins will be highlighted in red as displayed in the below image.

To fix this, simply move the object within the margins.

2 - Text Description > 1000 characters

If you have labels are text boxes that contain a lot of text, or perhaps contain a long list of items, this will cause blank pages in your reports. There are a number of ways you can fix this:

  • Change the font size for the object containing the text.

  • Use a different template. There are templates labelled "Printable", such as the "Printable Estimate", "Printable Invoice", etc.

  • Break up large text blocks into individual text or label objects.

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