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Create a T&C page at the end of a Transaction Printout
Create a T&C page at the end of a Transaction Printout

Create a Terms & Conditions page at the end of a transaction printout, such as an estimate.

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All transaction print templates are created using the Web Report Designer. If you wish to make changes to any transaction PDF you send to your customer, you would have to do so in the Web Report Designer.

NOTE: You need to be an Admin in order to access the Web Report Designer in your Method account.

In this article, we will add a Terms & Conditions page to the end of an estimate PDF, however, you can add any type of text to the end of any transaction printout.

Find and Copy the Transaction PDF

Before you start editing the PDF, you will need to find the name of the print template, as well as make a copy of it so you can revert your changes.

In this example, we will editing the Estimate Print Template.

  1. On the Estimate App, click the vertical ellipsis [] and then select Preferences.

  2. On the Estimate Preferences page, note the name of the Print Template used in your account. In our example, our template is called "Printable Estimate QBO".

  3. Make a duplicate of this template as outlined in the Copy a Transaction Print Template. I have named mine Printable Estimate with T&C.

Edit Print Template

If you duplicated the print template as explained in the previous section, you should be on your Account SettingsReports & Print Templates screen with your duplicate of your print template.

NOTE: Remember to periodically save your document. You will not be prompted to save throughout the below steps.

  1. Launch the Builder for your duplicate print template. This will bring up your print template.

  2. In the Properties Panel, within Actions, click the icon to Insert Report Footer Band. This creates a new band at the bottom of the report. Since this band only appears once, and at the end of a transaction, it is where we will put the T&C. (For more information on bands, please see our article Introduction to Report Bands).

  3. The PageHeader appears on every page, but we don't want it to appear on the T&C page, so we will suppress that. Select the band called PageHeader.

  4. With this band selected, in the Properties Panel, change Print On to "Not with Report Footer". If you want the Estimate header to appear, you can ignore this step.

  5. At the bottom of the report, select the ReportFooter band you created in Step 2.

  6. With this band selected, in the Properties Panel, change Page Break to "Before the Band". This will create a page break for this Report Footer.

  7. With the Report Footer selected, hover over the bottom of it until the down arrow appears. Click and drag to resize the Report Footer to a size large enough to hold the T&C.

Now you are ready to add in your T&C.

Add T&C

There are a couple of ways to create the T&C now that you have a place to put it.

Use Labels to enter in text

Drag multiple Label controls into the ReportFooter band and type in your T&C.

For each label, you can change the Font, size, and colors within Appearance in its Properties panel.

Use Rich Text to enter in text

The Rich Text control allows you to not only edit using rich text, but you can load in a rich text file, which you can style in any text editor that supports rich text.

  1. Create a Rich Text document with your Terms and Conditions in a text editor that supports rich text.

  2. Within the Report Designer, drag in a Rich Text control into the ReportFooter band.

  3. Using the square anchor points on the Rich Text control, expand its width to the entire page. You do not need to expand the height since the report will add pages depending on the amount of text.

  4. With the Rich Text control selected, expand the Data section within its properties panel.

  5. Click the ellipsis [ ] beside Load file, and then load in your T&C rich text file. (It will have an extensions of .rtf). The file name will be a string of alphanumeric characters, but that's okay.

  6. Your Rich Text control should now have the formatted text within it.

Preview and Use your Template

  1. Click the Preview button in the top menu.

  2. Using the Page dropdown, navigate to the last page.

  3. You will find your final T&C page near the end of the template. If using a Rich Text control, the report will add pages to accommodate its text.

  4. Save and close your report if its to your satisfaction.

Now that your template is complete, you will still need to set your Estimates App to use this template in the Estimate Preferences.

As outlined in Copy a Transaction Print Template, set your Estimates App to use the new print template you have just created, and you are done!

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