Recurring Donations

How to manage recurring donation.

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When a donor contributes on the Donor Page, they can set up their donation to be on a monthly basis.

In Method, this will be known as a Recurring Donation Plan, and when you view a recurring donation in Method, you will see the title Monthly Donation, as well as a link beside the donor called Recurring Plan as shown in the image below:

Clicking Recurring Plan will take you to the Recurring Donation Plan page, where you can view, edit and cancel the plan.

NOTE: Once you cancel a recurring donation plan, you cannot reactivate it. A cancellation is permanent. Make sure you really want to cancel a recurring donation before doing so.

Viewing all Recurring Plans

When viewing the list of donations, you will notice a Recurring Plans tab at the top of the grid:

Selecting this tab will take you to a list of all the recurring donations plans you currently have. You can filter between active plans in and inactive plans. Selecting a plan in the grid will allow you to view and edit that plan.

Editing a Recurring Plan

The Recurring Donation Plan will hold all the information of a regular donation, however, you will also have information on the frequency of the plan.

  • Active / Inactive - In the header, a green dot indicates the current plan is currently Active. Once the plan ends, or you cancel the recurring donation, this will change to a grey dot and text will state it is Inactive.

  • Frequency - How often the donation recurs. Currently, you can only have a monthly plan.

  • Last Donation - when the last donation occurred.

  • Next Donation - when the next donation will occur.

  • Start Date - when the donation plan started.

  • End Date (Optional) - when the recurring plan will end. When the recurring plan ends, it will automatically become inactive.

Cancelling a Recurring Plan

To cancel a recurring plan, click the Cancel Recurring Donation button.

A warning will pop warning you that this cannot be undone:

Once cancelled, the button will turn grey and say Inactive.

Recurring Donation FAQ

  • Question: How do I create a recurring donation?
    Answer: Creating a recurring donation needs to be done from the Donor Page, and will be initiated by the donor themselves.

  • Question: Can I enter in a recurring donation in the Donations App?
    Answer: No. The only place to set up a recurring donation plan is from the Donor Page.

  • Question: Where do I set up recurring donations?
    Answer: This is configured in the Donor Pages Setup under Accept Donations. You will find it under donation frequency.

  • Question: Why doesn't the recurring donation option show on my Donor Page? I set it up properly in the Donor Pages Setup.
    Answer: If you have customized your Donor Page screen based off an old screen before recurring donations was released, your donors will not see the option to donate on a monthly basis.

    Why? When Method pushes new updates to screens, it will not overwrite screens that are customized to make sure nothing is overwritten.

    You will need to create a new copy of the original Donate Now screen and recreate your customizations off of that.

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