Donor Pages Setup: Accept Donations

The second step in setting up Donor pages

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In the first step, you finished setting up the Personalize section of the Donor Pages setup.

If you clicked Save & Next , you would have been taken to a page to setup your accounting and payment details.

Otherwise, from your Method:Donor dashboard, click Setup on your Donor Pages App and then click Accept Donations of the process.

The Accept Donations screen is comprised of three sections:

Payment gateways

Method:Donor uses your payment gateway to securely accept credit card payments. In order for your donation to work, you must set up your payment gateway.

Testing Your Page

Check Experience this Donor Page without processing payments to disable payments, allowing you to test your page's functionality without processing a real payment. A reminder will appear on your public page if this is checked. This is a good way to test if your page is working as intended.

Donations processed on the public page with payments disabled still logs the donation, captures and saves the donor's contact information, and creates activities and emails (see Automate thank you and receipt email and Set up internal notifications for details). When you're satisfied, delete test donations from your Donations App, and ensure you enable payments by unchecking this box before you make the page public.

Account settings

The account settings allows you to setup different ways for your donors to donate, whether it be a one-time amount, an item to choose from, or a recurring donation.


You can set up the page to show a default amount to choose from instead of a list of items.

  • Default Donation Item* - item the donation will be under. The dropdown is populated by items set up in Donations App Preferences.

  • Donation amount* - Give default values for your potential donors which will display as four buttons on your donation page. The middle option will be pre-selected for donors by default. A donor that wishes to enter a custom amount can select Other and enter in their amount. On your donation page, it will look like this:

  • Donation frequency* - This will update the donor page for different donation frequencies:

    • One-time donations only

    • Monthly donations only

    • One-time & Monthly donations - In this case, the user will be able to select between a one-time donation, or a monthly donation.


If you want your donor to choose from multiple items click Create a list of items for donors to choose from. This opens more options :

Choose the additional item(s) you want available on the public page and click Add Item. All items in the grid will be available from the public donor page. You can also remove items from the grid by selecting them and clicking Remove Selected Item.

NOTE: By giving the donor a choice of items, the donation amount default will be the sales price of the item, and they will not be able to choose from the three pre-set donation amounts as shown in the previous section. The donor will still have the ability to put in a custom amount.

Processing fees settings

Online donations are a set amount, but doesn't give visibility to the donor on payment processing fees.

This option allows you to display a request to cover the processing fee.

  • Give donors the option to cover the processing fee as part of their donation.

  • Represent processing fee as a separate line item.

  • Select "I want to cover the processing fee" by default.

Programs settings

A default donation program can be used so the donor does not have to choose one. The dropdown is populated by your QuickBooks classes.

Note: Classes are only available on QuickBooks Desktop, and two versions of QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks Online Advanced. If you have QuickBooks Online EasyStart or QuickBooks Online Essentials, the option to turn on Class Tracking will not be available.

If you want your donor to choose from multiple programs (e.g. 2019 Fundraiser vs. New Funding Initiative), click Create a list of programs.... This opens more options:

Choose the additional program(s) you want available on the public page and click Add Program. You can also remove programs from the public page by selecting them and clicking Remove Selected Program.

Allowing users to choose between these options give them more control over where their donation is applied (e.g. to a particular fundraiser instead of the organization as a whole).

When you're satisfied, click Save & Next to continue to the next step of the process. You can also click Save and return to your dashboard to Test Drive the functionality of your public page.

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