In the Customer table, you will find there are two fields referring to the customer's balance.

  • Balance - The balance of the customer

  • Total Balance - The balance for the hierarchy of the customer, including the sub-customers. This, however, does not include the balance of any customer in the parent hierarchy.

NOTE: This is only for Method accounts syncing to QuickBooks Desktop. Total Balance is not used for those syncing to QuickBooks Online.

In the below example, Crenshaw Construction has the sub-customer of Bob's Job.

  • Crenshaw Construction has a Balance of $100.

  • Bob's Job has a Balance of $100.

  • Crenshaw Construction has a Total Balance of $200.

    • Crenshaw Construction Balance ($100) + Bob's Job Balance ($100)

  • Bob's Job has a Total Balance of $100. The total balance of a sub-customer does not include its parent.

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