Learn the Web Report Designer - Generating Reports

Lesson 10 - Generating a report created by the Web Report Designer

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This series covers the basics of creating a report in the Web Report Designer. Previousy, you learned about creating charts.

Once you create a report, you will need a way to generate that report. In this article, we will cover how to customize a screen to generate the transactions chart created in the last lesson.

We will also cover how to filter the data that gets sent to report, so it only shows a subset of your transactions.

NOTE: A basic understanding of Method customization is recommended.

Customize the Invoice Reports Screen

The first thing you need to decide on is where you want to generate the report. The Invoices app has a screen to view reports, so we will add a button in there to generate the report.

You can, of course, choose to generate from any screen, but for this example, we will use the Invoices Report Screen.

  1. Navigate to the Invoices Reports Screen.

  2. Customize the Invoice Reports screen.

  3. Edit the screen and create a new copy.

  4. Within secFiltersDetail, find the section called secTxnDate and add a new row to it.

  5. Into this new row, drag in a button and name it "Generate Invoice Chart".

Now that we have the button to generate the report, let's add in the Generate Report action for the button itself.

Generate Report Action

The main reason we are using this screen is because of the Range dropdown. It's purpose is to update two DateTime controls on the screen, From and To, which we can use when we generate our new report.

  1. Go into the Click Event for our Generate Invoice Chart button.

  2. For the Report dropdown, choose the chart we created in the last lesson. It should automatically choose the Invoice table.

  3. Click Open criteria builder. This is where we will filter the report.

  4. Click Add a condition.

  5. First, we want to make sure the data sent to the report lies after what is specified in the From control: TxnDate is Greater or Equal To what is in the From control.

  6. For the next condition, we also want invoices the date specified in the To control: TxnDate is Less or Equal To what is in the To control.

  7. Click the <Back link, and for Report type, uncheck Optimize fields.

  8. Enter in an Internal Note, and this action is done.

  9. Close the Action Editor, and then Close the Designer.

Test out your Report

Now that your Generate Report button is complete, you can use the Range dropdown already present on the report screen.

For my account, I set a custom range, and generated the following report:

And that's it! You finished all the lessons. Obviously, there is a lot more to learn in regards to the Web Report Designer, but hopefully you have learned enough to get started.

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