Using the data from your Method account, Method can display reports that have been created in the Web Report Designer.

You can also filter the data before displaying the report. For example, using the criteria builder, you can have the report display data from a specific time period, like the first quarter.


▶  Report: A stock report or a custom report you created in the Web Report Designer.

▶  Override with report: If you need to, you can override this report.

▶  Report table: Every report is based on a table. Select the table this report requires.

▶  Display records where: The criteria builder is used to filter what values will go into the report (e.g. only records within a date range).

▶  Filter safeguard: Restrict when to generate the report based on how many records the filter criteria returns.

▶  Report type: the file format of the report (CSV, HTML, PDF, PNG, RTF, TXT, XLS).

▶  Display report on generation (checkbox)

▶  Optimize fields (checkbox): To allow the report to load faster, the report will attempt to only load data from fields found in the report, rather than all the fields in the report's tables.

Note: If an error occurs while generating a report, this checkbox may skip a field when assessing which fields to include. Although Optimize Fields should be checked, uncheck if you are troubleshooting a report that is not loading.

▶  Report Name (optional): Give a more recognizable name to the report.

▶  Store report in: Store the link to the report in an action result.

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