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Error - When parsing the Provided XML Text Stream
Error - When parsing the Provided XML Text Stream

Adjusting QBXML Version Compatibility

Updated over a week ago

Some QuickBooks Desktop users may be prompted with a message:

QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream.

Root Cause

When multiple versions of the QBXML parser are installed, the Method Sync Engine can only read the latest version. This can cause compatibility issues if older versions are also present.

NOTE: This guide specifically addresses one type of 'XML text stream' error related to QBXML version mismatches.


Adjust the QBXML parser to version 13 or 14 for the lastest QuickBooks Deskstop versions.


  • Ensure you have administrative privileges when adjusting the QBXML version compatibility.

  • It is recommended to back up your QuickBooks data before making any changes.

For Users Not on QBXML Version 13

  1. Open Method Sync Engine.

  2. Navigate to the Help tab at the top of the Method Sync Engine.

  3. From the dropdown menu, select Adjust QBXML Version Compatibility.

  4. Execute a Changes Only Sync and follow the prompts to execute a Changes Only Sync.

  5. Check for Error Resolution

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the QBXML parser error and maintain a smooth synchronization process with QuickBooks Desktop.

If the error persists after these steps, please reach out to the Method support team for further assistance.

For Users Already on QBXML Version 13

If you are already on QBXML version 13 and still experiencing errors, there may be another underlying issue.

Please reach out to the Method support team for additional troubleshooting and support.

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