Intro to the Method Sync Engine

How to use the Method Sync Engine for QuickBooks Desktop

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If your Method account syncs to QuickBooks desktop, the computer holding the QuickBooks desktop software will have the Method Integration Sync engine installed on it.

Display the Method Sync Engine

The Method Sync Engine will automatically start when QuickBooks is opened up on your computer. If you don't see it, it may be minimized to your task bar.

To show the Method Sync Engine, right-click on the Method icon in your task bar, and select Display.

NOTE: If you don't see the Method icon after you start QuickBooks, you can always search for the Method Integration Engine for use with QuickBooks and run it manually.

Sign in to the Method Sync Engine

In order to sign into Method, you will need to enter the same credentials as you put in to Method, where the method:Company Account is the Organziation name used when you first signed up.

However, if you do not remember the credentials, the easiest way to sign into the Method Sync Engine is to use your authorization code.

Method Sync Engine Overview

Once signed in and connected, the Method Sync Engine displays this:

  1. The account name (organization name) for your Method Account.

  2. The email used to sign into your Method Account.

  3. Synchronization activity shows when and what is being synced between Method and QuickBooks.

  4. Method PUSH™ status shows if you are connected.

  5. Disconnect from Method. This stops all syncing.

  6. Open Method in a browser.

  7. Shut Down the Method Sync Engine (and disconnect). This stops all syncing.

  8. Minimize the Method Sync Engine to the taskbar.

At the top of the Method Sync Engine are menus.

Menu - File

The following options are available from the File menu:

  • Connect: Connect to Method.

  • Disconnect: Disconnect from Method and stop syncing.

  • Minimize to Notification area: Minimizes the Method Sync Engine to the taskbar.

  • Shut Down: Closes the Method Sync Engine and stop syncing.

Menu - Synchronize

The following options are available from the File menu:

  • Full Synchronization

  • Changes-Only Synchronization

  • Method PUSH

For more information on these terms, please see our article, "Method Sync in Detail".

Menu - Help

  • About: Shows the version as well as access to the logs for the Method Sync Engine.

  • Continue on Error (temporary): If there is an error on the sync, you can continue the sync and temporarily skip the error.

  • Enter Authorization Code: Used to sign in to your Method Account. For more information, see our article, "Where Can I Find My Authorization Code?"

  • View Help Article on Sync: Takes you to this help center.

  • View Config: Shows the install path for the Method Integration Engine.

  • Check for Updates: Allows you to update the Method Integration Engine.

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