If you are using Method:CRM with QuickBooks Online, this article will outline common reasons why transaction numbers would be blank after creating a transaction (invoice, estimate, sales receipt, etc.) and the steps to resolve this.

Step 1: Verify Which Program assigns Transaction Numbers

Either Method:CRM or QuickBooks will assign the transaction number. The first thing you need to do is verify which program it is.

1. Select the Gear in the upper right corner, and then select Preferences.

2. On the left menu, select QuickBooks and then expand Advanced.

3. You'll find the checkbox Let Method assign Transaction numbers. More than likely, this is unchecked and QuickBooks is assigning the transaction numbers.

Note: If the above is checked, then Method:CRM is set to assign numbers and should work. If transaction numbers are blank even with this checked, then please reach out to Method Support.

4. If the above is unchecked and you want QuickBooks Online to assign transaction numbers, then you need to make sure QuickBooks is set up properly. Please see QuickBooks article Custom transaction numbers in QuickBooks Online and turn off custom transaction numbers.

If QuickBooks Custom transaction numbers are turned off, and Method isn't set to assign transaction numbers, and the transaction numbers are still blank, then proceed to step 2

Step 2: Verify Transactions are Syncing

By now, you have determined that Quickbooks should be assigning transaction numbers, but it is not. There are a few things you can check for this.

Is Wait for Sync Approval Checked? 

Open your transaction with the blank number. Is "Wait for Sync Approval" checked?

If the transaction is awaiting approval before syncing to Quickbooks, then this transaction is not in QuickBooks and Quickbooks cannot assign a number.

You must uncheck Wait for Sync Approval

If this is unchecked but the transaction number is still blank...

Is Quickbooks and Method:CRM syncing?

You should try and refresh your connection with QuickBooks. Please see our article on How to Reconnect QBO with Method:CRM.

If this does not help, please go to Step 3.

Step 3: Verify Your Transaction Record isn't in Conflict

If none of the above has worked, then you should check to see if the transaction in question has a sync conflict.

1. Select the Gear in the upper right corner, and then select Preferences.

2. On the left menu, select QuickBooks and then expand Sync (which should be expanded by default).

3. If there is a conflict, then under Sync Conflicts you will see View Sync Conflict. Click that link.

4. If you notice your transaction is in sync conflict, please refer to the following article to clear the conflict: QBO Sync Conflicts.

If you have gone through these steps and still require assistance, please reach out to Method Support.

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