A Lead is a potential customer, and does not sync to QuickBooks. Converting a lead to a customer will remove the lead status and the customer will be synced to QuickBooks from Method. 

Note: Once a lead is a converted to a customer, you cannot turn it back into a lead! The conversion is permanent.

Automatic Conversion

There are two situations where a lead is AUTOMATICALLY converted:

  • If a lead has a transaction (such as an invoice or an estimate), and that transaction syncs to QuickBooks, then the lead will automatically be converted to a customer. No warning or prompt is given.
  • If an opportunity is associated with a lead, and the opportunity is closed as closed won, then the lead will be converted to a customer. You will, however, get a pop-up to verify the conversion.

Manual Conversion

To MANUALLY convert a Lead to a customer:

1. Select the Customer Lead from the contacts list.

2. Expand the button menu at the top and click  Edit Customer Lead Details.
(Do not click Edit Contact Details).

3. Uncheck This is a Lead.

4. You will be warned that the conversion is permanent. Click Yes

5. When you click Save, the lead will be converted to a customer and will sync with QuickBooks!

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