A Customer Lead is a potential customer and does not sync to QuickBooks.

Converting a lead to a customer will remove the lead status and the customer will be synced to QuickBooks from Method:CRM.

Note: Once a lead is a converted to a customer, you cannot turn it back into a lead! The conversion is permanent.

Automatic Conversion

There are two situations where a lead is AUTOMATICALLY converted:

  • If a lead has a transaction (such as an invoice or an estimate), then that transaction has a checkbox that says "Wait for approval before syncing". When this is unchecked and saved, the transaction will sync to QuickBooks. The Customer Lead will be converted to a Customer and also sync to QuickBooks. No warning will be given.

  • If an opportunity is associated with a lead, and the opportunity is closed as closed won, then the lead will be converted to a customer. You will, however, get a prompt to verify the conversion.

Manual Conversion

To MANUALLY convert a Lead to a customer:

1. When viewing a lead, scroll down to Customer Lead Details. Click the arrow beside Edit [▾] and then select Convert to Customer.

2. You will be warned that the conversion is permanent. Click OK.

3. The lead will be converted to a customer and will sync with QuickBooks!

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