Provide Access to Customer Portal

Giving a customer their link to their customer portal.

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Method provides an out-of-the-box portal for your customers as long as they have a valid email address entered into Method.

A customer signs into their portal using a link which you configure in your Portal configuration. (e.g. )

Additionally, you can provide a unique link generated just for them. This link is also included when you email them via a transaction.

Finding the Customer's Portal Link

To retrieve this link manually for a customer:

  1. Open up the Contacts App and click the contact.

  2. Under Contact Details, you will find their Portal Link. Feel free to copy and paste this link and send it to your customer.


Q: Is portal access only available for the first email if there are more than one email in the email field?

It is possible to have more than one email in the email list for your contacts, as shown in the above image.

  • Portal acces is only available to the first email in the list.

If both emails need access, a new contact should be created with that specific email.

Q: When an email is associated with multiple contacts, which portal shows up for the generic portal login?

As mentioned above, if you do not use the unique link, there is a generic portal login for your customers which you configure in your Portal configuration.

However, what if multiple contacts have the same email address? Which contact will log in when they log into the generic portal?

  • The last created contact with the same email will be the profile that shows.

For example, if you have three contacts with the same email:

  • HomeDepot created in 2021

  • HomeDepot created in 2022

  • HomeDepot created in 2024

Then HomeDepot created in 2024 will be the profile that shows up when the contact with the same email logs in.

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